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Tehnical monument Stara Sava

Community Stara Sava (Old Sava) in Jesenice
The core of the hamlet Stara Sava consisted by ironworks buildings of which the following have survived: the Bucelleni-Ruard manor-house (pics 2, 7), the church of Mary's Assumption (pics 1, 3), the worker's residential building, remanents of the blast-furnace and puddle, the blast-furnace chimney (pic 6 and it's not leaning like that... fisheye effect ), the mill, and part of the concrete mill trench. The manor-house was built in the firts half of the sixteenth century by the Italian, Bernardo Bucelleni. In 1831 the house was expanded and reconstructed in the Classical style. Today, it is the seat of the Gornjesavski muzej Jesenice with a permanent exibition on the history of ironworks in Gorenjska.

Source: http://www.burger.si/MuzejiInGalerije/GornjesavskiMuzejJesenice/StaraSava/ENGStaraSava_Uvod.html

Photo: Roman Štupar (Nikon D80, Zenitar 16/2.8 FE)

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